KL Computers

KL Computers

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Dillard; I am the owner and operator of KL Computers. KL Computers has been in business for four years as a part time business.  We build custom computers cheaper than the big box retailer’s and their one size fits all attitudes. We are located in Greer, SC. and we offer repair service on desktops and laptops. We also build custom computers with brand new parts with a four day turn around. Computers start at $450.00. We also custom build and maintain web sites. For that price you get a tower that has DVD/CD burner, monitor, speakers, and a wired keyboard and mouse. The operating system, anti-virus, and firewall will be installed so your computer is ready to use. There is a one year warranty on all custom computers.


We can help you with almost any computer problem you may have! Machine running slow? I can get it back up and running faster. I have professional software to remove the spy-ware and viruses off of your machine.


Services offered:
* Upgrade your current system.
* In-Home computer hardware and electronic setup (Wireless Routers, Networks, Computer Peripherals, etc)
* Professional Spy-ware/Mal-ware Software Installation (Kids Computers, Relatives, etc)
* Computer Parental Control Software (Keep your children safe while on the web)
* Virus Protection Software
* Web Site Design
* Web Site Maintenance


Experience in:
* Building Custom PCs & Upgrading Machines as well
* Microsoft Windows OS / Linux
* Microsoft Office
* Wireless Network / Wired Networking
* Hardware / Software Troubleshooting
* Data Recovery
* Spy-ware / Virus Removal


What you get for $450.00 price is:
Desktop case with an AMD processor.
3 Gigs of ram can be upgraded to 4 Gigs for $20.00.
80 Gig Hard drive can upgraded to 500 Gig for $40.00.
15 inch monitor can be upgraded for extra.
Keyboard and mouse can be upgraded to wireless for extra.
2 speaker set can be upgraded for extra.
DVD/ CD Burner
XP Pro, Anti-virus, Firewall 


There is a four day turn around for local pick up, due to me ordering the parts and to receive them. There is a one year warranty on all computers.  If you live outside of the local area turn around time is six days please allow two days for delivery to your address there is a $20.00 shipping charge. For more information on custom built computer, website, website maintance or computer repair. Contact us below

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118 Arch Dr.

Greer, Sc 29651